Benefits of Oxycodone

Oxycodone was developed in an effort to produce an opioid medication similar to morphine, codeine, or heroin, but with fewer of the negative effects. Opioids can be intensely addictive and the side effects and withdrawal effects can be too much to bear. Some people have terrible reactions to morphine and codeine, and oxycodone has been used successfully as an alternative. Morphine remains the stronger and more effective drug, but oxycodone has gained popularity as a milder option.

Less Intense Side Effects

One of the benefits of oxycodone that patients appreciate the most are the relatively mild side effects. While there are no medications that have no side effects, the side effects from comparable drugs to oxycodone can be intense and even dangerous. Nausea and vomiting are very common, and with morphine these can be so intense that the patient becomes dehydrated. With oxycodone, patients are likely to still experience symptoms of nausea, dizziness, and even vomiting, but the sensations are typically less severe.

An Easier Habit to Break

If you are suffering from pain related to an injury or recent surgery, it is likely that you will need something stronger than aspirin to deal with the pain. However, your use of pain medication will probably only be temporary. While all opioids are highly addictive, morphine and codeine stay in your system longer and have stronger withdrawal symptoms than oxycodone. As a result, patients who take oxycodone have an easier time coming off the medication than they would if they took morphine or codeine. This is one of the benefits of oxycodone that the drug was designed to offer.

Available Online

Today, it is easy to buy oxycodone online, especially if you know what to look for. There are an incredible number of websites selling prescription and non-prescription drugs these days, and for a good reason. Many people with chronic pain or who are suffering from illness or injury find it much more difficult to get out of the house. If the pain relief medication can be delivered to the door, patients reduce the amount of suffering they experience. If you buy oxycodone online, you can always ensure you have a refill on the way.

Administration and Absorption

Another benefit of oxycodone is that it can be taken a number of ways and absorption is similar no matter which way you take it. When administered in a hospital, it is often injected intravenously. At home, you will most likely take oxycodone pills orally.